Ben Williamson

Ben Williamson



Ben Williamson has been coaching athletes for 13+ years. He was first exposed to CrossFit in 2008 and became active in integrating CrossFit programming into the middle and high school PE and athletic program at The Walker School in Marietta, GA, where he served as an Assistant Athletic Director, teacher and coach. Since, Ben has earned 6 CrossFit certificates and has worked with adults brand new to CrossFit, as well as kids of all ages. He is a proud father to daughters Grace (13) and Keira (11).

"CrossFit, for me, has been an incredible gift. It's taught me as much about myself as any life experience I've had. It allows and facilitates a constant pursuit of improvement in my athleticism, but also in my character and mental toughness. Outside of that, my biggest attraction to CrossFit, and the biggest difference between us and traditional gyms, is the community aspect. Becoming a member of a group of inspired, positive people that are focused on making a difference in their life and in the lives of others...that's something very rare and special."

CrossFit Certificates

CrossFit Level 2/ Level 1/ Football/ Olympic Lifting/ Endurance/ Kids

Athletic/ Other

North Carolina K-12 Principal's License  

Recipient, United Way of Asheville-Buncombe County Volunteer Center "Volunteer of the Year" Award

CPR and First Aid certified


B.A. (Auburn University), M.S.A. (Western Carolina University). Enrolled Ed.D. (Western Carolina University)