• Daniel Hartley

    Daniel Hartley


         My name is Daniel J. Hartley but most people call me Dan. I was born in Franklin, NC and spent most of my formative years in Statesville, NC. In 2005 I enlisted in the U.S. Navy where I served for 5.5 years attaining the rank of Machinery Repairman Second Class(E5). During my enlistment I was fortunate enough to deploy to Japan, Spain, Iraq, and Afghanistan all while attached to the Naval Construction Force.

         As a child I was grossly overweight and sedentary; living off of fast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On the rare occasion I could muster the courage to step on a scale I weighed in at well over 210lbs of slop bucket. Upon my enlistment into the military I was told, for the first time in my life, that I would need to not only lose weight but develop the ability to pass the standard Physical Fitness Test. This test consists of a timed 1.5 mile run and an AMRAP of push-ups and set ups for 2 minutes.                          

         Viewing this as a personal challenge I ignorantly embarked on a crash diet consisting of mostly lean meats and canned vegetables. Being completely unaware of periodization, progressive overload, or proper programming my training was simply me running as fast as I could for as long as I could and doing as many push up and sit up variations as possible. Within a four month time span I had bottomed out at body weight of 148lbs and completed one of my highest PRT scores of a 10:20 1.5mile time, 100 push ups, and 100 sit ups. Granted, I went about it in the most uninformed way imaginable but it was this experience that piqued my interest in athletic development.

         It was during my final deployment to Rota, Spain that I was first introduced to the world of strength athletics and the related programming. I was lucky enough to meet an, at the time, professional lightweight strongman. I had always been fascinated by heavy lifting but was completely unaware as to how the quality of maximal strength was trained. He invited me to lift with him on a few occasions and soon my obsessive nature took over. I sought out any and all material on the subject that I could find and, largely thanks to his encouragement, entered my first Strongman competition while still on deployment. During the last four months in Rota I tried to replicate the training methods he used based on whatever knowledge I could glean from books sent from the U.S. or various strength-based web communities such as Marunde Muscle. 

         Upon returning to the states I competed in my first Strongman show in St. Louis Missouri; winning the LW novice category by breaking a tie due to lighter BW. Encouraged by this small success I redoubled my training efforts and sought out senior competitors in the community to train with. Several of them had recommended that being a lightweight strongman I should try to develop some proficiency in the movements of Olympic Weightlifting. By this point I had returned to my duty station in southern Mississippi so I began seeking Weightlifting coaches in the area. As luck would have it I was only two and a half hours away from one of the most successful Olympic programs in the country: Gayle Hatch Weightlifting. If you are unfamiliar with their story I would encourage you to look into it. They have never been a gym to seek attention or post endless youtube videos. As a result many of their most impressive accomplishments have gone unnoticed and unappreciated by the strength community.

         For my remaining time in the military I made the five hour round trip to Baton Rouge as often as possible. It was here that Coach Gayle Hatch and Matt Bruce instilled in me a deep appreciation for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. To this day I attempt to carry their enthusiasm and willingness to coach anyone with me every time I’m fortunate enough to work with athletes.

         Upon being Honorably Discharged from the Navy in the summer of 2011 I relocated to Asheville, NC for a coaching opportunity. Shortly after moving here I was encouraged to seek out a coach in South Carolina by the name of Stephen Powell.

         Coach Powell, or “Mongo” as most people call him, introduced me to a European and Asian style of coaching which has greatly influenced my own methodology.  To this day I rely on Mongo as a great asset to my own coaching and value his wealth of knowledge concerning not only the technical aspect of coaching but also the great history of the sport.

         I currently enjoy coaching lifters of all skill levels and encourage anyone with an interest in the sport to learn the lifts. They are technically demanding and developing proficiency in them can be quite frustrating but also immensely rewarding. There are few things in life that make me happier than watching an athlete progress in Weightlifting and put PR lifts overhead. 

  • Hayette Bouras


    Hayette Bouras
    Business Manager/Coach

    The path which lead me to CrossFit has been long and winding.  In my youth, I always enjoyed being active and participated in many sports including gymnastics, volleyball, track, swimming, ballet and softball.  Although I enjoyed them, I never pursued any of these with any seriousness or purpose. 

    Throughout my teens and twenties, my life took a dark turn as I struggled with the disease of alcoholism.  Getting on the other side of this period of my life allowed me to rethink my trajectory and recreate my life.  With sobriety, I was able to reconnect with my true self, and the desire to be healthy and active returned.  

    For a few years I took up running, mainly as a means to maintain my sanity.  I took a particular pride in the fact that I could stay “in shape” without having to spend money on classes or membership.  This worked for me for a while, yet boredom and lack of motivation finally began to set in.  Closely linked to my decline in discipline was the broader sense that my life was not the way I wanted it to be.  I needed to become more of the woman I wanted to be and yearned to feel a healthy sense of pride and accomplishment.  I wanted to feel a part of something greater.

    Eventually my lack of self-esteem and disappointment inspired me to sit down and do some research about fitness programs which might be able to help me.  I needed to be held accountable – and being financially invested seemed like enough motivation to get me started.  After spending a couple of weeks studying the local options, I felt most attracted to the methodology of CrossFit.

    My first experience with CrossFit was on May 25, 2015 at an information session at CrossFit Pisgah.  I distinctly remember how humbled I felt after that initial workout, yet somehow at the same time I felt challenged and excited.  The entirety of my CrossFit experience has been at CFP and has done more to change my life than almost anything I have experienced.

    My expectations of joining a group of snobby and elitist meatheads were destroyed after my first class.  The welcoming spirit of the membership and coaches at CFP made me feel comfortable with myself and with my place among this inspiring community.  The caliber of people that I have come in contact with in my short time has never ceased to amaze me.  My love for the community and the constantly varied (and incessantly challenging) programming has not only kept me coming back, but made me look forward to each day.

    Recognizing the joy I experienced each time I made progress in a certain lift or skill, I was pleased to realize that I felt just as much joy when watching other people achieve small victories day after day.  

    Acknowledging that many of my happiest and most fulfilling hours were those that I spent at CFP, I began looking for a way to make it more of my life. In April 2016, took a full time position as the business manager of CFP.  I have since begun to coach the On Ramp series of classes and now hold a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer's Certificate.  I am a full-time student in UNCA’s Health and Wellness Promotion program and intend to use my schooling to make me a better coach and member of our community.  My plans for the future are to continue to challenge myself and those around me to grow both physically and mentally.  For all of these gifts and countless more I am eternally grateful.

  • Kate Miller


    Athletic Experience:

    High School Soccer, Basketball and Track
    College All-American Soccer Player at Clemson
    Member of the 2002 Women’s professional soccer league
    CrossFit games regional Athlete 2011-2014

    For as long as I can remember, athletics and competing have been a part of my life and a way for me to test my character. In my teenage years, I excelled as an athlete and chose to play soccer at Clemson. I was blessed to start for my 4 years there and be a member of a top-10 collegiate team. After college I was drafted into the Women’s professional soccer league (WUSA) and played with some of the best. Shortly there after I suffered a career ending knee injury. For 8 years I bounced in and out of the surgery and physical therapy rooms, the whole time feeling like something was missing. I needed something new. After talking to a few friends, I decided to try out CrossFit. At first the sport seemed nuts but after some peer pressure I signed up for the 2011 Open and was lucky enough to be a member of a qualifying regional team. After watching the individual women compete I was hooked and made a goal to be ‘one of them.’ 

    CrossFit has tested my level of fitness and has enabled me to break down mental barriers that have allowed me to realize I am a lifetime athlete, not a college athlete. Now my goal is to create that same space for others. I believe we are all able to do and be more than we can imagine and the CrossFit community is a space that allows people to discover their potential. I’m honored to be a coach to those around me and share my experience, knowledge and learnings so that others can find their own inner lifetime athlete.

  • T.J. Kirkpatrick


    CrossFit L1
    CrossFit Mobility
    CrossFit Gymnastics

    I grew up in the country. I was hunting, fishing, playing outdoors until dark, riding my bike anywhere and everywhere I could. I love being outdoors. I played sports growing up, mostly baseball and basketball. In high school I played football, wrestled, and ran track. In college I played intramural sports and tried a lot of different sports like tennis, bowling, lacrosse, and golf. I have been pretty active my whole life. After college, I was down to beer league softball teams and occasionally going to the gym, this went on for years!

    My first introduction to CrossFit was watching ESPN during the 2011 games and thinking that looks awesome, but there's no way I could do that stuff. I started doing some research about CrossFit and went to CrossFit Asheville and watched a couple of classes and decided there's no way I can do this stuff. I watched the Games again in 2012, and again I thought these people are crazy. My wife Kristy and I found out in the fall of 2012 that she was pregnant, coincidentally around that same time, CrossFit Pisgah put out their first set of Groupons for the On-Ramp Program. I thought, "well, let's give this a shot and try to learn from the bottom up." January 3, 2013, I walked in and immediately felt at home. First person I met was Ben, and he was so awesome from day one! I was hooked after the first WOD, I went straight home and told Kristy, " I had no idea that 6 minutes and 26 seconds of exercise could be so hard." Since that time I have enjoyed working out and being a part of a team and community! I continue to CrossFit to stay healthy and try to keep up with my son, Coy.

    During my time playing team sports, I always tried to do things the right way. I always respected the coaches that taught me proper technique and how to do things the right way, both in sports and life. My senior year of high school during football season, I hurt my knee two different times, the second requiring surgery which took me out of the next season of wrestling. The coach told me to continue coming to practice and he would find something for me to do. This was my first exposure to coaching, and I loved every minute of it. I love being able to help people reach their goals and accomplish things they didn't think they could. I coached little league baseball and middle school wrestling for several years. After about a year and a half of CrossFit, I knew it was time for me to take a step towards coaching. The mastery of CrossFit techniques will always be a struggle and something to works towards, each goal achieved opens the door to the next one. I am thrilled to be back at CrossFit Pisgah and helping this great community become even better!


  • Ben Williamson

    Ben Williamson

    Co-Owner/ Coach / Event Coordinator


    Ben Williamson has been coaching athletes for 13+ years. He was first exposed to CrossFit in 2008 and became active in integrating CrossFit programming into the middle and high school PE and athletic program at The Walker School in Marietta, GA, where he served as an Assistant Athletic Director, teacher and coach. Since, Ben has earned 6 CrossFit certificates and has worked with adults brand new to CrossFit, as well as kids of all ages. He is a proud father to daughters Grace (13) and Keira (11).

    "CrossFit, for me, has been an incredible gift. It's taught me as much about myself as any life experience I've had. It allows and facilitates a constant pursuit of improvement in my athleticism, but also in my character and mental toughness. Outside of that, my biggest attraction to CrossFit, and the biggest difference between us and traditional gyms, is the community aspect. Becoming a member of a group of inspired, positive people that are focused on making a difference in their life and in the lives of others...that's something very rare and special."

    CrossFit Certificates

    CrossFit Level 2/ Level 1/ Football/ Olympic Lifting/ Endurance/ Kids

    Athletic/ Other

    North Carolina K-12 Principal's License  

    Recipient, United Way of Asheville-Buncombe County Volunteer Center "Volunteer of the Year" Award

    CPR and First Aid certified


    B.A. (Auburn University), M.S.A. (Western Carolina University). Enrolled Ed.D. (Western Carolina University)


    "I've coached and trained alongside Ben over the last four years. I've seen him grow as a CrossFitter and especially as a CrossFit trainer. He's done a great job working with our athletes and coaching form, consistency and intensity. I'm excited he's opening CrossFit Pisgah and I know he's going to do a great job with his athletes there." - Brandon Phillips, 4-Time CF Games Competitor, 2012 CF Open South East Region Champion

    "Ben is professional, knowledgeable, and gracious with his time and energy. He is a mind reader-  challenging when it's right and encouraging in just the right moments too. He likes to unite people as a community too around nutrition, fitness, challenge and fun. It's obvious he loves what he does."

    Ona Armstrong, Kindergarten Teacher
    Evergreen Community Charter School


  • Derrick Mason

    Derrick Mason



    Derrick Mason has been involved in coaching in various ways since 1998. He has coached a multitude of sports/activities including basketball, adventure racing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, and Crossfit. Derrick has been involved in Crossfit since March 2011, and has been coaching Crossfit since the summer of 2012. Derrick is a professional mental health therapist, living in Bowling Green, KY, at the moment, and traveling to Asheville to coach at CFP whenever his schedule allows. Derrick lived in Arden, NC, from 1998 to 2006, teaching and coaching at Christ School, where he and Ben met. He is hoping to relocate back to Asheville permanently in the near future. Derrick is the father of Woods (10) and Emily (8), and spends most of his free time enjoying their extracurricular activities, such as basketball, soccer, violin, piano, and CrossFit Kids Summer Camp.

    "I love the description of CrossFit as a wellness/lifestyle program masquerading as a fitness program. I am passionate about helping people be healthier holistically, to include the emotional, physical, and spiritual elements. I appreciate that CrossFit recognizes the importance of holistic health, rather than just focusing on pure physical fitness. Additionally, I believe that the focus on community may be CrossFit's most important characteristic. The internal community in each box pushes the athlete to be his/her best on any given day, keeps him/her accountable, and cheers each other on. As a coach, I believe that very athlete should feel like the most important person in the box at least once during any given WOD class. Plus, there is also the external community facilitating community service and outreach that has us as CrossFitters looking for ways to make both our 'small pond' and the bigger world a better place."

    CrossFit Certificates
    CrossFit Level One Coach Certificate
    CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certificate

    CrossFit Mobility 

    Coaching Experience
    High School Basketball, Freshman, JV, and Varsity (3 years)
    Outdoor Program Coach (8 years)
    CrossFit Coach (<1 year)
    Whitewater Rafting guide and trainer (Ocoee River, TN) (8 years)

    Athletic Accomplishments
    High School basketball, including playing in the KY state tournament Final Four game
    College Club Rugby, and annual Alumni Rugby game
    Competed in ~30 Adventure Races, ranging in distance from 15 - 120 miles, and ranging in length from 3 - 30 hours
    Competitor, 2012 CrossFit Old School St. Jude fundraiser competition
    Competitor, 2012 Garage Games at CrossFit Solafide (Clarksville, TN)

    Outdoor Adventure Sports Experience
    Adventure Races
    Whitewater Rafting Guide (Ocoee River, TN)
    Mountain Biking
    Trail Running

    BA (Western Kentucky University) in Mathematics and Religious Studies
    MAE (Western Kentucky University) in Marriage and Family Therapy

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