Hayette Bouras


Hayette Bouras
Business Manager/Coach

CrossFit L1/Gymnastics

The path which lead me to CrossFit has been long and winding.  In my youth, I always enjoyed being active and participated in many sports including gymnastics, volleyball, track, swimming, ballet and softball.  Although I enjoyed them, I never pursued any of these with any seriousness or purpose. 

Throughout my teens and twenties, my life took a dark turn as I struggled with the disease of alcoholism.  Getting on the other side of this period of my life allowed me to rethink my trajectory and recreate my life.  With sobriety, I was able to reconnect with my true self, and the desire to be healthy and active returned.  

For a few years I took up running, mainly as a means to maintain my sanity.  I took a particular pride in the fact that I could stay “in shape” without having to spend money on classes or membership.  This worked for me for a while, yet boredom and lack of motivation finally began to set in.  Closely linked to my decline in discipline was the broader sense that my life was not the way I wanted it to be.  I needed to become more of the woman I wanted to be and yearned to feel a healthy sense of pride and accomplishment.  I wanted to feel a part of something greater.

Eventually my lack of self-esteem and disappointment inspired me to sit down and do some research about fitness programs which might be able to help me.  I needed to be held accountable – and being financially invested seemed like enough motivation to get me started.  After spending a couple of weeks studying the local options, I felt most attracted to the methodology of CrossFit.

My first experience with CrossFit was on May 25, 2015 at an information session at CrossFit Pisgah.  I distinctly remember how humbled I felt after that initial workout, yet somehow at the same time I felt challenged and excited.  The entirety of my CrossFit experience has been at CFP and has done more to change my life than almost anything I have experienced.

My expectations of joining a group of snobby and elitist meatheads were destroyed after my first class.  The welcoming spirit of the membership and coaches at CFP made me feel comfortable with myself and with my place among this inspiring community.  The caliber of people that I have come in contact with in my short time has never ceased to amaze me.  My love for the community and the constantly varied (and incessantly challenging) programming has not only kept me coming back, but made me look forward to each day.

Recognizing the joy I experienced each time I made progress in a certain lift or skill, I was pleased to realize that I felt just as much joy when watching other people achieve small victories day after day.  

Acknowledging that many of my happiest and most fulfilling hours were those that I spent at CFP, I began looking for a way to make it more of my life. In April 2016, took a full time position as the business manager of CFP.  I have since begun to coach the On Ramp series of classes and now hold a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer's Certificate.  I am a full-time student in UNCA’s Health and Wellness Promotion program and intend to use my schooling to make me a better coach and member of our community.  My plans for the future are to continue to challenge myself and those around me to grow both physically and mentally.  For all of these gifts and countless more I am eternally grateful.