Kate Miller


Athletic Experience:

High School Soccer, Basketball and Track
College All-American Soccer Player at Clemson
Member of the 2002 Women’s professional soccer league
CrossFit games regional Athlete 2011-2014

For as long as I can remember, athletics and competing have been a part of my life and a way for me to test my character. In my teenage years, I excelled as an athlete and chose to play soccer at Clemson. I was blessed to start for my 4 years there and be a member of a top-10 collegiate team. After college I was drafted into the Women’s professional soccer league (WUSA) and played with some of the best. Shortly there after I suffered a career ending knee injury. For 8 years I bounced in and out of the surgery and physical therapy rooms, the whole time feeling like something was missing. I needed something new. After talking to a few friends, I decided to try out CrossFit. At first the sport seemed nuts but after some peer pressure I signed up for the 2011 Open and was lucky enough to be a member of a qualifying regional team. After watching the individual women compete I was hooked and made a goal to be ‘one of them.’ 

CrossFit has tested my level of fitness and has enabled me to break down mental barriers that have allowed me to realize I am a lifetime athlete, not a college athlete. Now my goal is to create that same space for others. I believe we are all able to do and be more than we can imagine and the CrossFit community is a space that allows people to discover their potential. I’m honored to be a coach to those around me and share my experience, knowledge and learnings so that others can find their own inner lifetime athlete.