At Crossfit Pisgah:

  • You get daily, personalized coaching (you’ll develop skills across multiple fitness disciplines, working to gain proficiency in a wide variety of functional movements).
  • You’re becoming a member of a positive community (charity events, social functions…like-minded people out to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others).
  • You work harder because of competition and camaraderie (you’ll never push yourself working out alone like you will in a group class!).
  • We constantly vary our workouts. This keeps workouts diverse and fun while always expanding your fitness/strength knowledge and skills.
  • We don’t use contracts! We’re not trying to trap you into a binding agreement. Our program works and we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with your experience here!
  • Many clients will recoup much of their membership in lower healthcare costs and we’re STILL far less per session than most personal trainers.
  • We don’t charge the same as a normal gym because we’re far from a normal product. We’re far better. Call for your free intro and see for yourself.


  • UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP$140/month – Unlimited access to all CFP classes
  • MILITARY / FIRST RESPONDERS MEMBERSHIP $125/month – Unlimited access to all CFP classes
  • 3-CLASS / WEEK MEMBERSHIP$115/month – Access to three CFP classes per week
  • FUNDAMENTALS COURSE$25/session – Five one-on-one 30 minute sessions

Note…all debit/credit card payments are auto-draft each month. We don’t use contracts, but if you don’t tell us you’re wanting to take a break from membership, we won’t know! It’s easy for us to refund $ and we don’t like charging people for access they don’t use, but please over-communicate with us on this.

All memberships include:
  • Baseline check-ins
  • Guest passes
  • CrossFit Pisgah t-shirt
Private Training Sessions Available

Rates are set by individual coaches.


CFP welcomes experienced CrossFitters visiting Asheville to drop-in! Cost is $20/visit. $30 for drop-in + CFP t-shirt. To reserve your spot in a class simply click on the class you want to attend on our schedule page.

Other Classes and Offerings

CFP Barbell Tribe General Olympic Weightlifting Coaching, Group Instruction

Free for CFP Members, $20/class for non-members.

Suitable for recurring hour-long sessions of general technical instruction in the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk. This type of session focuses on the basic technical elements of Weightlifting. While regular attendees will be handled according to their technical progress, this type of instruction does not account for or provide long-term programming, or rely on any type of set linear progression. The weights used will be very light and all of the movements used will be technical and deliberate in nature.

Personal Training

One-on-one personal training is offered by any of the coaches at CFP. Contact us for more info.

Why is a CrossFit Pisgah membership so different than a membership at a traditional gym?

At traditional gyms, you’re simply paying for ACCESS to equipment. After that, you’re on your own.

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